Introduction to Sight Reading Music from scratch

12 week Zoom course split into 3 parts


Part 1 Rhythm Notation 5 weeks - the basics

Part 2 Rhythm Notation 4 weeks - 1/8 notes, dotted notes

Part 3  Rhythm + Pitch Notation  4 weeks

March - April - May 2021

Part 1

Intro and The Basics

Every Tuesday in March 2, 9, 16, 23, 30

£20 per Part - Part 1 classes full 

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New for March exciting and innovative Zoom courses for amateur singers and instrumentalists or anyone who would like to learn a new skill.

Confused about your crotchets and quavers, not sure how long to hold a half note or an eight note, how long is a quarter note rest and what on earth is a sniff?

Do you want to stop guessing, do you want to stop copying or relying on other people to get it right? What if they have got it wrong? Yep that’s right, you and that section of music are stuffed at that point.

People say to me I would like to sight-sing not realising that sight- singing music is a very advanced skill, much harder than sight- reading a piece of music on an instrument.
What you need to do first is learn how to read the rhythm. The only instrument you need to do this is a pair of hands and a voice.  


I will teach you in a fun way, how to recognise the dots on the page and how to put them together so that you are reading and recognizing phrases. I will be drawing on the American system of whole note, half-notes, quarter notes etc. and not using Italian terms. As long as you can count to 4 and subdivide you will be able to do this and enjoy it as well

Most choir and orchestra leaders do not have the time in a session to teach rhythm reading, they are concerned with the sound you are making, the words and pitches that you are singing.
My zoom session’s focus on reading the rhythm.